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ArmatEk services

We support our customers by offering them the services and activities necessary for theeconomic and technological development of their own companies.

new and used

We offer a complete service to those who rely on our care that focuses on customers and around everything they need to solve problems related to the treatment and enhancement of materials for recycling or landfill.


Our technical office, alongside the production department, is able to design and manufacture machinery suitable for the individual and specific needs of our customers, creating solutions for them with the best technological and qualitative standards possible.

specialized review center

We are specialized in the overhaul of recycling machinery, guaranteeing reliability and safety. Our highly specialized staff is able to restore the individual machines to new levels. At the end of the process, fatigue testing and final testing guarantee perfect functionality, ask us for advice.

financial services

We are able to offer you customized finance solutions for your purchases. Our consolidated financial consultants work with the major credit institutions and are able to find the right solution for the finance necessary for your purchases of machinery whether they be new or used overhauled.

spare parts and assistance

We stock all consumable spare parts and wear parts of the machinery we produce and sell.Furthermore a professional assistance service is able to guarantee a perfect after-sales service on everythingthe national and foreign territory.


ARMATEK provides its customers with a complete machinery for the processing and handling of ferrous scrap, industrial and bulky waste. Presses, shears, loaders, shredders and forklifts make up the fleet with the possibility of hiring a good, medium and long term.For more information and availability contact us immediately.