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armatek - who we are and what we do  


We are always close to our customers looking for the most suitable technological solution for themspecific material recycling requirements, always optimizing the relationship between costs and benefits.

our origins

Our business was founded in 1998 as a sole proprietorship representing multiple manufacturers of machinery and equipment for processing ferrous and metal scrap in the recycling market.

our development

Over the years, thanks to the experience gained and given the thriving market, the transformation into a capital company was necessary in order to allow the expansion of its products in new markets. In this way ARMATEK becomes a full member of the recycling machinery market, earning a name and a respectable reputation not only in Italy but also in European and Arab countries.Today ARMATEK is a consolidated and structured company dedicated to the construction, marketing, overhaul and rental of machinery, plants, equipment and systems for recycling.


The best technologies available on the market for compacting, shredding and screening of any type of material. Robustness, efficiency and high quality are the prerogatives of our proposals!


Our experience is such that we can market any machinery in the recycling sector. We buy machines that are out of stock or unused, to bring them back to life and resell them guaranteed to new customers.

Commodity sector

Our products are aimed at companies operating in the recycling of ferrous scrap, metals and waste.In particular, the products we treat are: shredders of any kind, both fixed and mobile, grinding and granulation plants, dynamic and densimetric screening systems, non-separate waste treatment plants, ... Leggi di più

Types of customers

Our customers are exclusively companies that operate in the world of recycling with specific dedication to the treatment of ferrous scrap, metal scrap and waste of all types in order to recover and enhance them. They are located throughout the national territory but above all in Europe, Africa, ... Leggi di più


We want to become a real trusted partner of the recycling companies, to guarantee technical solutions, maintenance and supply of spare parts, constant technical advice on the continuous problems of treatment, adaptation and redevelopment of old plants, periodic verification of efficiency and ... Leggi di più